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Expert Speakers, 3,000 Real Estate Professionals, One Magical Location

Orlando, Florida

| April 23 - 25, 2024


Are you ready to scale your business,

expand your scope, & elevate your status?

Don't miss out on your chance to secure your seat!

Why Attend SquadUp Summit? 

This is your unique opportunity to blend cutting-edge real estate investment strategies with powerful networking, all set in an exciting, dynamic, and fun environment


Designed to RAISE you to new heights in Real Estate


What Awaits You At The Summit?

When you attend SquadUp Summit LIVE in Orlando…

You'll get the EXCLUSIVE opportunity to…

 Discover the real estate investment strategies that have made us millions

  SCALE your business and find, close, and fund deals faster and easier than ever

  Expand your SCOPE of business and money-making investment opportunities

  Increase your STATUS and become the “go to” authority in your area

  Receive the latest market insights from seasoned, expert REI professionals and much more…

The world of real estate investing can be complex, and it’s easy to get lost in a maze of conflicting strategies and methods. 

For too long, the knowledge and tools for successful real estate investing have been scattered and hard to find… like trying to piece together a puzzle with half the pieces missing.

People have been left to figure it out on their own, tying together strategies from blogs, podcasts, and scattered social media posts. 

No one has put it all under one roof at one time…

Until now.

Immerse yourself in 3 jam-packed days of game-changing strategies, insights, and fun…

Orchestrated By These Visionaries!


Pace Morby

Pace is an Author, Investor, Founder of SubTo, a community of high-level investors, and co-host of A&E’s top-performing show, “Triple Digit Flip". A self-made real estate entrepreneur and educator. 

Jamil Damji

Jamil is the Co-founder of the national wholesale real estate franchise, KeyGlee. He is the Visionary behind AstroFlipping, the most successful community of real

estate wholesalers on the planet, and co-host of A&E’s

top-performing show, “Triple Digit Flip.”


Grant Cardone


CEO of Cardone Capital, Private Equity Fund Manager & Real Estate Investor. Grant Cardone owns and operates over seven privately held companies, and a private equity real estate firm, Cardone Capital, with a multifamily portfolio of assets worth over $4 Billion. 


Don Miller

Donald Miller has been consulting and coaching for over two decades. He’s consulted some of the world’s top brands including TOMS Shoes, TREK Bicycles and Tempur Sealy. 


Codie Sanchez

Codie Sanchez.png

Codie Sanchez founder of contrarian thinking - one of the fastest growing financial media companies with millions of followers online, often called the Small Business Queen, owner of $100M+ Main Street Hold Co and former Wall St investor turned boring business champion.


Jerry Norton

Jerry is nationally recognized as a master at flipping houses. He has done thousands of real estate deals all over the country, and has taught thousands of new and seasoned investors from all over the US his proven systems.


Veena Jetti

A powerhouse in multifamily real estate renowned for curating lucrative, conservative investment opportunities. With a distinguished career spanning over a decade,

Veena has skillfully overseen the management of assets exceeding $1B. 

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SquadUp Summit is... 

SquadUp Summit Is THE “Must Attend” 

Real Estate Investing Event Of 2024...

...It’s The Ultimate Event For Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs Who Are Obsessed With Growth And 

Ready To Level Up Their Business.


     Rub elbows with the “Who’s Who” of the REI Industry

     Leave with a LIFETIME of strategies and takeaways you can implement RIGHT AWAY

     Unlock the methods that turned into multi-million-dollar real estate moguls

     Learn proven-to-work REI strategies from the very TOP experts on the planet


3,000+ Real Estate

Professionals Will Be At 

SquadUp Summit…

Will you be there?


The Surest Path to Entrepreneurship

If you’ve felt the calling to be an entrepreneur, to carve your path and shape your destiny... 

Real Estate is the surest path we know to entrepreneurship and achieving financial freedom.

At the SquadUp Summit, we're dedicated to turning that calling into reality. It's about adopting the methods and mindsets that have made us and countless others successful in this field.

From finding, securing, and closing deals faster so you can SCALE your business… 

To accessing lucrative investment opportunities both inside and outside of real estate–think “investing in other businesses”–so you can expand your SCOPE of investment options… 

To leveling up your peer group and elevating your STATUS so you become the “go to” expert and authority–the first name people think of–in your area…

We've got it all at the SquadUp Summit.

So, what's the cost to attend all 3 days?

Let's get right to it.

Here’s what we’re focusing on:


* Scaling your business

Networking with success-minded real estate investors

Innovative real estate strategies

* Expanding your scope

* Elevating your status

SquadUp Summit is only $1,499!

Don't miss out! Sign up now and secure your seat!

SquadUp Summit will sell out!


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At its core, being a successful real estate professional is more than just
having the right strategies.

It's about possessing a mindset to take decisive
action and lead the way,

even when others hesitate.

SquadUp Summit is your call to rise above,

embrace the new emerging opportunities, 

and become a leader in the world of real estate.

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SquadUp Summit is a platform and event crafted to provide real estate investors and entrepreneurs with educational resources and networking opportunities to aid in their business growth and investment strategies. Our commitment is to furnish valuable knowledge and experiences that support professional development in the real estate sector. It is important for all participants to understand that attending SquadUp Summit does not guarantee financial success or improvement in your real estate ventures. We do not claim or imply that by participating in SquadUp Summit, you will generate profit or ensure a return on your investment. The success stories and testimonials presented are from actual, paying users of SquadUp Summit and/or our affiliated education programs. These accounts reflect individual experiences which are not typical for every user. Your success as a result of attending our event will vary significantly depending on a variety of factors, including but not limited to your personal motivation, the time you dedicate to your education, your existing knowledge and skills in real estate, the execution of your individual business strategies, and external economic factors that are beyond our control. We provide the framework and guidance for real estate investment and business operations; however, the application and outcome of these strategies depend largely on the individual entrepreneur's circumstances and the work they put into their own business pursuits.

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